czwartek, 24 listopada 2011


Ben Westbeech - Summer's Loss
Rubber Dots I- nstant Juliet
Feist - The Bad In Each Other
João - Final Playground
Florence + The Machine - Seven Devils
Fair Weather Friends - Hanna Valentine
Falty DL - The Sale Ends; Can't Stop the Prophet
Bueno Bros - EARMS
Andreya Triana - Perfect Darkness
Cooly G - Landscapes
King Midas Sound - Spin Me Around (Cooly G Revoice)
Damu – Breathless; After Indigo
Dominique - He Said
Hauschka - Wonder
Onra My Mind Is Gone
Onra Hide And Seek Where I'm From
Welder - Yellow Yellow
En2ak - Edwards Short Circut
Galus - Door to the Mind
Shlohmo - Anywhere But Here
Mount Kimbie - Ode To Bear
Teebs feat. Rebekah Raf - Verbena Tea

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